Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Is Technology Turning You Into a Zombie?

Maybe it was Halloween that got to me or being chased by a Creepy Killer Clown or perhaps it has been the US Presidential Election; it might even be the arrival of Season 7 of The Walking Dead - but I have certainly had Zombies on my mind (so to speak) of late.
I have been reading about how technology takes over our lives and about how our generation is in danger of becoming more technologically "zombiefied".  
Teaching Comms  for Essential Skills found me having to instruct learners in the art of creating a simple GUIDE.  So, as an example of writing a guide and demonstrating various features - here is a Guide to help us all in case we become over run by technology's Digital Zombies. 

 Should we be worried? Depending on the outcome of the US Presidential Election (and we will know in a few more hours), I have instructed my US children to create an underground bunker. Maybe with the addition of BrEXIT, I should seriously consider one as well. 

All in good fun. 

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