Friday, 10 February 2017

Joanne Hughes, Mother of Ten

Would you like to make a difference in one person's life? How about 12? Here is a worthy cause and one that will guarantee to make you feel better for helping out a little bit.
 Look at the faces of this beautiful family and see how much love they have for each other. Please, can you help?
Help joanne get home to her family

Joanne Hughes the mother of ten children suddenly had a stroke on the 13th February last year. They didn't think that she would make it.

Then on the 16th February her brain suddenly swelled and doctors had to rush her into theatre to have a large part of her skull taken away to relieve the pressure. They didn't think that she would make it. She was then left in a hospital bed with very little help.

In August she was taken to Clatterbridge Rehab Centre but with the lack of initial treatment there is not much more that they can do. Joanne can not stand or use her left side and has very little long term and almost no short term memory.

In the meantime Tony her husband has been going to work and then traveling to the hospital every day while her 71 year old mother looks after the ten children.( aged between 2 and 17). It will take 2 years to do the adaptions to the house but with some small changes we can get her home.

 To help Joanne Hughes return to the family home. By donating we can help this happen sooner.                                                                                

Tracy Ann Thomas

"So touched by everyone who has donated so far. Please keep sharing to raise the profile of this cause x "
Posted a project update on Help Joanne get home to her family on 21 January 2017

This is special project started by a good friend of mine, for a good friend of hers. Please, can you offer some support for this very important cause?  You will be helping out a very loving and close family. Please help by donating to:  
Your support is greatly appreciated. 

Thank you. MG


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  2. I do hope this helps and more people are able to hear her story and contribute. Thank you, Tracey, what a good friend you are to have done something so generous. xx


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